The Pigeon Man of the Green!

See him beckoning? He was trying to entice me closer. Why? So I’d have a better chance of getting dumped on by one of his flock! I declined and stood back, out of the general flight path of the birds, to look on for a little longer.

The three folk were totally oblivious that I was even there… they were having such a great time doing selfies with the birds. I returned a little later, in the hope of catching more enthralled folk at the mercy of our Pigeon Man but he’d moved on… pity.

St Stephens Green Pigeon Man... feeding the multitude...

I wonder if they came away with an itch… lice anyone??


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3 Responses to The Pigeon Man of the Green!

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  2. Sallyann says:

    Nice picture… but such a cinic… lice anyone? 🙂


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