Fanatical Friday Fun!

Why not? Fun in all forms is always welcome but Fridays always seem to add that extra element to the fun. So, as you’re anticipating your (hopefully) early escape from the slave pit you can already begin sniffing the weekend fun. Or, maybe you’re sniffing some treat to indulge in during the weekend. Why not a bit of authentic Italian gelato? I found this brightly lit shop on Dublin’s Grafton Street and as I’m a fan of mauve and purple I couldn’t resist taking a snap.

The ice cream shop on Grafton Street... looks inviting, does it not?

No… I didn’t go in to get a mouth full. The amount of people standing around suggested I’d have to wait a while and as I was rushing to the station I thought better of joining the queue.

OK… enough said. It’s the hyped up (commercialised) weekend of love so have fun but as always, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

PS: – Every weekend is a weekend of love for me!!

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2 Responses to Fanatical Friday Fun!

  1. Sallyann says:

    Mmmn, the coffee and crepes in the background would draw me in further. 🙂


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