Yes… the mood takes me to one of the best ever soundtracks to any movie ever written. Imagine… imagine you’ve just completed the score for some obscure film and then you hear it’s been Grammy nominated… imagine the soundtrack earning more than the movie. Any writer’s dream!

You turn up the volume… just a little… you float on the air currents… you dream… you live in that beautiful sound cloud! You wait… and hear sounds from the past. The future? Yes.

If you should be fortunate enough to pass on musical beauty to your grand kids then please don’t forget to throw in a JLS CD among the Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Beethoven and Handel!

Lost .. on a painted sky… you may know him… 

…. on a theme that’s timeless… while the sun-god…

Oh my soul… could we ever neglect to pass on this beauty? Could you ever imagine walking along a sandy beach and not seeing a seagull fly overhead? I can’t!

Dublin Bay beauty... autumn sunrise...

Please, you do the search engine bit… yep, if you’ve never blessed your ears with Neil Diamond’s thrilling soundtrack then do…

Lost… on a painted sky… where the clouds are hung… there… on a distant shore …  lonely looking sky…

Lonely looking… sky! Sky… beautiful blue thundery sky! Tumultuous sky!

Lonely looking sky… sing.. sing… SING!

Lonely looking sky!

Glorious!!!! Gloria… Gloria… GLORIA!!!

Chilly winter's morning Dublin Bay sunrise... Dec 2014

Man oh man! This takes me back… it takes me where the sun shines… or… for that matter, where it’s never shone! Fly bird… live, fly, love… eat life!! It won’t be fair to you if you don’t grab and eat! Fly!!

FLY!! Fly… seek… harbour… of light…

Sky bird… silver wings? Fly? Slowly!

Lost… on a painted sky… the clouds and a poet’s eye… there…

on a distant shore…

OH, the beauty! You may know her… timeless… timeless… there’s a song in search… and the one God will… POWER!!

Johnathan... my tribute!!

You try and experience what I’ve lived through… imagine… LIVE the song!! Live, love life!

PS: I began writing this post on Christmas day, after all the kids and grand kids were fed and all was good in our world. Listening to Neil Diamond’s Johnathan Livingston Seagull on a night like that can make one wax lyrically nostalgic. The next morning I decided this would be 2015’s Valentine’s post! There you have it. This is really a love note of sorts… to my special one!

Thank you… as always!


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2 Responses to Jonathan!

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Te lieflik AJ!


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