Hello Mr Robin

A few weeks ago I called into town to visit a friend who needed advice at her new workplace. Technical stuff… all about the heating, cooling and ventilation of the building. Boring to many but if you’ve just moved about 100 people into a new space and nothing seems to work then it becomes fighting talk stuff!

I could only call in on the Saturday so after the visit I took the opportunity to go walk-about in search of photos.  At one point I stopped off in St Stephens Green to have a bite to eat. I chose the shelter of a pergola, watching the pigeons getting ever closer. They must have an acute sense of smell or maybe they’re attracted to the reflection of aluminium foil because it doesn’t take them long to venture closer.

However, there was a robin who also needed attention. The little fellow was first on the scene and reminded me of when we sat in the same spot in June last year. Then a few juvenile robins also called around in search of scarps. So, there I sat, wondering if this fellow could be one of those youngsters who’d survived the winter and now taken up residence in the immediate area?

Juvenile robin in st Stephens Green

I’d like to think that Mr Robin was indeed the youngster we’d seen in June. I’d also like to think he’s doing well and not being fed too much junk food. Saying that, you may wonder what I’d shared with him? I was eating whole-wheat sandwiches, my good lady’s salad specials, so I was picking off wheat grains and sharing bits of my tomato and greens. The pigeons got bread scarps but Mr Robin was entitled to better treatment.

When the pigeons came too close the robin retreated to his shelter about 5 meters from where I was sitting. There he stayed, watching my every move while reflecting on the feed he’d just shared. I wonder if he recognised me?

Happy Mr Robin... sharing my food was a pleasure... hopefully for both of us!

AaaaaaHH!!! Friday! Have fun, have a great weekend and as always, don’t do what I wouldn’t!

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7 Responses to Hello Mr Robin

  1. Lovely images of some real cuties!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Felicity says:

    Great shots! Look at those tiny little legs, oh my! 🙂


  3. de Wets Wild says:

    So n mak ou rooiborsie! Pragtige fotos weer, AJ


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