Ailsa is so right… the past week surely has had a marked effect on moods. As the good lady points out… it seems as if suddenly the daylight hours are stretching… as if the new season flow of light is generating an energy all of its own! Fantastic! We’ve reached the turning point here in the north… we’ve left the dark, dank winter behind because when you go to work in the light and get home with a good glow still in the sky then life must be better!

Sandymout sun! The energy of promise?

How about a bit of sunshine to entice a few diehards onto a stretch of sandy beach? How about seeing the sun playing tricks behind the clouds? Or, should that be the clouds adding effect to the rays? Whatever? Then, while looking around we can see the results of man’s endeavour to create energy. Power stations tall and short… turning fossil fuel into electricity… for light and warmth.. and fun!

Man made energy! Power station to lamp post!

Have a great weekend.. whatever you do, be thankful for the energy you have to do these things you want to do!

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6 Responses to Energy

  1. V says:

    Happy weekend. 😉


  2. ailsapm says:

    Hurrah, lovely post AJ, I’m so excited for more daylight and more hours to get up to no good. Hee hee. xxx


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