Moody Monday?

This weekend gone by was one of those… a mini-milestone came and went. SA got dealt a thrashing by India at the Cricket World Cup and it rained most of Sunday but fortunately the weather remained good enough on Saturday to allow a braai! I tries a new chicken marinade recipe and thankfully if worked well. For those of you familiar with Nando’s Chicken you’ll have an idea of the taste. I’ve done a full post over on the food blog so feel free to go have a look.

Anyway… I’m off today so I’ll take a stroll into town to visit the camera shop. Maybe there’s something of interest for a relatively good price that I can get. I have my eye on a 50mm f1.8 to use indoors. Well, anywhere really but apparently the 50mm is good in low light so there is merit in using it indoors. On that note… I’ll leave you with a pic from the last time I was in the city… I somehow think you can’t get more Irish than this!!

How Irish can you get?? Ginger harp player busking in Dublin!

Really, I shouldn’t be too moody! Have a happy week… may the sun shine for you!!


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One Response to Moody Monday?

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Hoe minder daar oor gister se krieket gese gaan word, hoe beter sal dit wees vir my bloeddruk vandag…


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