I really couldn’t make up my mind what to give you for this one.

Wall? Or… Wall!

Ireland is so full of history that I could likely post a wall pic every day for a year and never show the same building or structure. There’s the walls of castles, of churches, old farm houses and so many ruins. Then, there’s a mass of stonework associated with transport. Bridges, canal locks, harbours and dry docks.

I eventually settled on this photo because it reminds me of somewhere in South Africa. A ruin beside the River Boyne in Co Meath, a warehouse built in an era gone by when barge transport was the way forward. That ruin stirred a memory of South Africa. How? I don’t know. It was a fantastic, warm September’s day… unseasonally warm for Ireland. Maybe that caused my thoughts to drift south.

I sat in the same spot for ages, watching a heron and a few ducks on the opposite bank. The sun played tricks behind the clouds… casting ever-changing patterns on the crumbling stone walls. Maybe the bright blue sky and the glowing greens lulled me in to a sense of déjà vu… or maybe my mind simply needed to scale the restrictive walls that circumstance sometimes encircles us with!

Wall... the ruins along the Boyne remind me of walls gone by... in another time and place!

Mind you… how about a wall blog? A post a day for a year? Maybe…

PS – I wasn’t the only photographer there on the day… see if you spot him! Maybe he was also allowing his mind to scale mental walls…

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4 Responses to WALL!

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  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Wonderlike keuse AJ!


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