Blur… Persistence Pays!

Back to this week’s theme. With good reason. Yesterday the sun shone… it was warm, up to about 19ºC… yes, that’s warm here in Ireland in spring. So… to make full use of the opportunity I went butterfly hunting. Off the the spot that’s become home to the only population of the Small Skipper in Ireland.

I went there, not expecting to see Small Skippers as it’s too early in the season but rather in the hope of finding white butterflies. It’s a vast open space. Some of the area is recovering peat bog, to my thinking, an ideal habitat for all kinds of butterflies.

At the gate a whitish, greenish blur caught my eye. A butterfly for sure but I couldn’t identify the species based on the blurry flash. I parked and went in search of targets, seeing the odd distant flyby. Then a walker told me what the butterfly was. He seemed to think I’d battle to get one still for long enough for a good photo and so it proved.

I walked a few kilometers without success. I saw a few other butterflies but eventually it was time to go. On the way out I spotted a Peacock sitting in the road so I got out of the car to get a better shot. At this point one of the illusive butterflies went cruising by, so close I could’ve touched it if I’d been quick enough. I fired off a few hurried, out of focus shots in the hope of some success. Yes, that blob in the center of the photo is a butterfly.

A blurry sighting... a Brimstone flies by...

Oh well, that was that, thought I. I returned to the car and left the site. A few kilometers along the road I spotted more activity and after finding a parking spot I took a short walk to where I’d seen the action. Within minutes I was rewarded. One specimen sat momentarily, allowing me a few more hurried (manual) shots. Strange how reward comes around. The harder I chased the less happened and when I thought it was all over the reward arrived. In a few blurry seconds I’d come away with a few photos of a new specimen for me. The Brimstone…

A male Brimstone... my first confirmed sighting! 06 Apr 2015, happy days!!

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2 Responses to Blur… Persistence Pays!

  1. Your butterfly is really stunning. 😀 Well done!


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