Happy Frilly Snap!

Last week’s frilly daff post has a squeal. Here’s the GLW and her phone… at doing what people should not be doing with phones! Anyway, who am I to argue? It’s her phone so she can do with it just what she likes!

Happy phone snapper fun! GLW and the daffs!

Aaaah… Monday again! Happy week for you, as always, don’t do what I wouldn’t! I’m wondering… is Monday the 13th worse that Friday the 13th?


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3 Responses to Happy Frilly Snap!

  1. Sallyann says:

    Monday, or Friday 13th’s… they’re only as bad as you let them be.
    In the balance of good and bad, there has to be bad for you to know what good is, one can’t exist without the other and if the majority of people are expecting bad to happen to them on the 13th, then just think how much good there must be left over for those willing to risk going out and looking for it. 😀


  2. V says:

    Definitely worse. At least on a Friday the 13th you have the whole weekend off work to overcome any misfortune that occurred. But then, a Monday is a Monday, no matter what the date. Anyway, love the snap!


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