Do pay Ailsa’s challenge a visit to read about Arbor Day and to see all the great tree pics she’s chosen… the last photo is very local… up in the Wicklow Mountains I’ve also found decorated Christmas trees. However, all you need to do is scroll down to see at least four tree posts in the last few weeks… so, I can’t be accused of not seeing the wood for the trees!! Or, should that be not seeing the trees for the wood?

Back to Arbor Day. A thought has dawned… why not have more frequent tree planting days?? Well, I for one, have a craving to plant trees. Only problem, we don’t own our own bit of ground in Ireland so the yearning goes largely unfulfilled. Maybe life will get better in the near future and we’ll find a spot so that we can also put down permanent roots… then we’ll be all about planting trees as well!

Winter view... the tree just captivates the soul, don't you think??

I’ll leave you with this photo, which I must say, I’ve wanted to use for a while. Winter view from below the branches of a massive old tree…

PS – While writing this post another idea dawned… if we should manage to get our hands on a bit of soil… why not set a 365 challenge? Plant a tree a day for a year! It will take some planning and preparation but it could work!!


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