Art in the Park!

Sometimes one sees a piece of art and wonders about the inspiration. Where did the idea come from? I enjoyed doing a circumnavigation of this piece in Blackrock. The sun, sky and clouds all play their part in changing the look from different angles.

Dan McCarthy designed a sculpture called 'Cutout People'... to be found in Dublin's Blackrock Park

If you’re still wondering about the origins of the ideas… here’s an extract I took from I-net. Do click here for more information about other Dublin piece commissioned at the same time…

Dan McCarthy designed a sculpture called ‘Cutout People’. It is located in Blackrock Park and is 13 feet high. The design is two and three-dimensional and can be viewed from numerous different angles. Figures stand on a plinth and they have patterns painted on them to represent the shadows from the sun. The design illustrates the effects of cutting profiles of people and the shapes that are produced.

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5 Responses to Art in the Park!

  1. Sallyann says:

    Is this a beautiful blue sky I see.? 😀
    Nice backdrop. 🙂


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