Subtle Sunday?

Tell you what… this week Ailsa really got me thinking… to such an extend that I may just have found something new to do on Sundays. Yep, Ailsa’s challenge is a subtle one. The comment I left for her had something to do with me not really being the subtle type. South Africans are often accused of being direct or abrupt, even when we’re being diplomatic.

I also mentioned something about being as subtle as a barn-door tramper-downer… yep, even when I’m being subtly sarcastic. No, I don’t really do sarcasm. Too base. Anyway… I’ve done Church Watch Sunday in the past… of late I’ve used the excuse of Silent Sunday to get away with doing little. I’ve even done sunshine Sunday, yeah right! This is Ireland… we don’t want to scare the yellow ball away.

So? What could be this startling new idea inspired by Ailsa? Subtle Sunday! It works for me. It will allow me the bombastic to show the tender side of me… the artistic, creative, all flower-power romantic side. Yeah right, did I mention diplomatic? OK… I’ll begin with a few subtle, neutral tones… offset against a birch trunk…

Subtle pink... my gentler side on top!

Shall I drop a subtle hint? Why not return next Sunday to see if I’ll keep going with the theme? Happy rest of your weekend!

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4 Responses to Subtle Sunday?

  1. cocoaupnorth says:

    I like, I like:-)


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