Butterfly Fever?

Picture this… two mature adults… yes, two… chasing a tiny butterfly about. Then, just as it landed the two adults lost the little creature against the background. It seemed to say… spot me if you can!

Spot me if you can! Female Orange Tip...

Imagine their joy when they spot it and when it poses for photos. Picture the scene. The adults, clutching cameras, hunched over the little darling! Look at that eye! It stares back at the adults…

I see you! yes, I do!! Female Orange Tip Butterfly on the lookout!

Once the darling tired of the mature adults it flitted off. It did allow them to catch up again… just so the girl could show her upper wings to the two happy snappers. Yes, a girl indeed. A female Orange Tip… correct, only the male has the orange. Do click here to see the orange tips…

Basking... female Orange Tip posing...

Important NOTE!! Yesterday I created a new page… Short Stories! Do visit there to see what you think…

Oh well, it’s Monday again. Enjoy the day… enjoy the week!

PS – If you’re wondering who the two mature adults were… the GLW and yours truly! Bold, don’t you think??

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2 Responses to Butterfly Fever?

  1. Sallyann says:

    Love the idea of you two Happy Snappers out chasing butterflies. 😀


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