I’ll tell you what… it wasn’t easy to find a photo for this week’s challenge. I’m not sure if the folk at WordPress want to make these challenges as difficult as possible or if maybe Krista has a wicked sense of humour but what would you do if you’re faced with enveloped as a challenge? I chose to go stick my nose in where it surely doesn’t belong… proverbially, that is!

Imagine if you could be so flexible that you could bury your head under your arm… or… oh well, I just got myself enveloped in the concept of the bizarre so you’ll understand if you treat this post with the disdain it solicits…

stick yer head where it belongs?? Enveloped in your own downfall?? Maybe...

Some days… I feel as if those around me are doing what this goose is doing… no, not hiding it’s head… grooming itself! You get my drift… I hope!

Greylag Goose enveloped in its own gyrations… or feathers… whichever suits you best!

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8 Responses to Enveloped

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  3. cocoaupnorth says:

    Well captured!


  4. joanfrankham says:

    where did you find him/her!! Great shot.


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