Spring Splendour!

I’ll continue with our Boyne Canal walk. About halfway back toward Navan town there’s a set of castles, one on the north bank of the river and one on the south bank. The north bank structure must have been an imposing construction in its day. There’s not much left of the castle apart from the south facing wall. I’ll show you a little more of it tomorrow but for now we’ll have a look at the south bank.

When we rounded the corner this is the sight that met us. The spring splendour was something to behold. the bright colours really lit up the dull grey day. Ardmulchan Castle, as the building is know, lords over the south bank and looks north across the Boyne Valley. The place is still inhabited. It must be something to live in a “house” like that… dark, dank… damp… mouldy. I can feel the eerie chill breezing down the halls and corridors, the echos of the past catching up with the residents of the future… fun!

Ardmulchan Castle, on the south bank of the River Boyne north of Navan, Co Meath, Ireland

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2 Responses to Spring Splendour!

  1. smittyrooks says:

    That’s a beautiful shot!


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