Off What? Season or Center??

This week’s challenges arrived 3 minutes apart! Both beginning with the word OFF. So, how do I take advantage of the little gift Lady Serendipity has thrown at me again? Do I go off-center or do I go off-season? Why not off-center-season? Imagine… going off off! Off the center.

Those of you who know me know I love featuring the Poolbeg Chimneys. The twins need space in a photo… so, if you want to place anything else in the picture as well you need to move the structures off-center! Now for the off-season bit. The summer hasn’t kicked in yet so the cruse liners are nowhere in sight! You’ll have to wait a while longer here in Ireland to lose the off-season syndrome!

Poolbeg Chimneys... on the left side!!

There are places where boats don’t go in the off-season. However, when the season arrives and the boats don’t arrive then there must be something off-center about the situation, don’t you think?? Here’s Dublin’s Grand Canal looking rather underused…

Where are all toe boats?? Not back from the off-season yet??

There you have it… a bit of off colour humour conjured up by me… until tomorrow, when I’ll look at this duel from the the other side of off!

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5 Responses to Off What? Season or Center??

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  3. joanfrankham says:

    It may be cool outside, but those blue skies look very summery!


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