Sweet Tooth?

I spotted this fellow in Phoenix Park. He was scratching around the open area of the tea garden at the Visitors Center. The place was still closed so the only activity came from two squirrels, a blackbird and a robin. This lad obviously had a liking for cup cakes as he made sure he got all the crumbs removed from the cup.

Sweet toothed grey squirrel in Phoenix Park. Do they belong?

Cute, you may say but I have to say they are an introduced species in Ireland and as such they are often a pest. Grey Squirrels have all but killed off or driven out their smaller local cousins, the Red Squirrel. Pity because in their own habitats they are cute, here however, they have adapted for survival and expansion… to the detriment of the locals. Now, where have I heard that before???


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4 Responses to Sweet Tooth?

  1. I still have the mental image of a squirrel popping out of a wastebasket with half a cookie in his paws. It was adorable, but this was in my pre-camera days so…we will have to do with a mental image!

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  2. smittyrooks says:

    Too cute lol


  3. Cute, but not really great in terms of being an invasive species. Also, not great that it is eating food it shouldn’t be. I like the photo though.


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