My Favourite Dublin Meeting Place – Part Two

Last Friday, I introduced you to Meeting Bookers, a Dublin start-up who are striving to help you book a place, anywhere in the world, for your important gathering. Before I go any further, if you want to keep track of the different posts then why not like their Facebook page? If you follow the posts you’ll soon become acquainted with some of Dublin’s best kept secrets. You’ll also find out where to have a great pint of the black stuff!

Now there’s a thought. I was going to stick with the outdoors but the mere mention of the black stuff swayed my direction. How could it not?? The home of the black stuff is right here in Dublin. Yep, Guinness has come a long… long … long way with the growth and development of Dublin. Today, the black stuff is exported (by the tanker load) all over the world… and even brewed in exotic locations scattered around the globe.

Guinness by the tanker load... down Dublin's Quays to the port. Who knows where that load will end up!

Back to Dublin and the home of Guinness. Are you in the mood for a party? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! The Guinness Storehouse is one of the leading tourist attractions anywhere in Ireland and the folk who run the place can indeed be very proud of the way they treat their satisfied costumers. However, the Storehouse is not only about a party, it’s about history as well. The venue has been shoehorned into an old working building so you’ll see some of the past as you walk through the present…

You don’t have to be a tourist to visit because the place caters for all sorts of gatherings. We’ve been fortunate to have attend two post-Christmas work gatherings in the Storehouse. OK, before I continue… this is not an advert for the place. I wish it was and that I got paid but I don’t. I’ll give you the link to the official site here, that way you can see what’s on offer, from day visits to events.

What I would say… you can have a great time at the venue, as we’ve done. It’s worthwhile to look into the options and maybe even just to go on a day trip with friends or family. The view from the Gravity Bar alone makes the visit.

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  1. emmaroseanna says:

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    Love the Guinness Storehouse! Don’t care how many times I’ve been, can’t get over the views from the Gravity Bar! Great blog!

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  2. smittyrooks says:

    Classy 😀


  3. great shots – a beautiful and lively place


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