Old-fashioned… Values?

This week, Ailsa’s theme really got me thinking. Old fashioned. Simple… until you add one little word to the phrase… values. I grew up in an era when manners and etiquette still meant something. Seemingly most of these values are now glossed over as old-fashioned.

Looking around in the galleries for a photo or two resulted in me wondering about how, in this modern-day and age, we seem to have largely forgotten the old-fashioned values of yesteryear? Hundreds of thousands of people have visited Glendalough… I wonder if they ever wonder why the place was built all those years ago? I supposed that’s old-fashioned logic…

The round tower at Glendalough... history or old fashioned myth??

Irish, and western culture, is largely based on historical events of some 2000 years ago. These days it seems the quicker modern life takes us away from the old-fashioned values the quicker we, as a society, step from mess to mucky mess!

OK… old-fashioned me will explain. Faith has an origin… these reminder from ancient Irish history should make one or two of us sit up and wonder why stepping away from our value roots has left us wondering…

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