Sunday Stroll – aka Blog Hopping!

Have you ever stopped for a brief while at the point where you are about to hit “like”? Do you occasionally look to see if you recognise other avatars? Well, I was doing it the other day when a random thought struck. I often do web hopping when I’m researching something. Clicking from link to link to see where the path leads. In that way one occasionally finds an interesting fact or stat hidden on a page one would not have found with a direct search.

OK… back to the random thought. Why not spend an hour on a chosen day of the week and hop from blog to blog using the path of the “likes” on fellow blogger’s posts? So, here’s a way to begin.

When you open your inbox on the given morning you’ll see all the “like” notifications. Select the first or last or tenth of third or whichever one you desire. Open that mail… click on any of the suggested posts to visit… read that post and if you hit “like” then randomly select another blogger’s link… keep going for an hour… recording the blogs as you go.

Complicated? Not really, you’ll have to agree. Here’s how I started. I can’t fathom why but Inspiring Max drew my attention so I clicked on his notification mail… and boy, was I well rewarded by the sights of wild Australian scenes in the off-season.

So… after clicking “like” my eye settled on Lola’s bright flower… I clicked, followed the path to her blog and scrolled down to see the pigeon swooping down at me. I’m honest when I say I didn’t recognise any of the “likes” so I shut my eyes and clicked!

In Cahoots With Muddy Boots? Yep… it’s amazing where the path leads. Funny thing… in the post I selected muddy boots had changed to dancing shoes… in Brussels!! So, not only does one meet new blogger’s but you get to enjoy diverse experiences and new places.

OK… here’s a few things I learned while doing my first blog hop;

  • don’t go by time… do three hops as I did here. If you have more time then do more…
  • sometimes the avatars take you to profiles that don’t have active blogs… trial and error
  • it’s fun… give it a go!!
  • if you do give it a go then why not add the links like I’ve done… in that way you can build your network of friends!
  • oh… be random…

So… there you have it… something to occupy few minutes of your day, once a week. I’ll leave you with a Dublin city scape… the port area as seen from the North Quays, looking out to sea. No, I couldn’t resist getting my favourite Dublin landmark in… the Poolbeg Chimneys!

Dublin port reflections... nice!!

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5 Responses to Sunday Stroll – aka Blog Hopping!

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  2. Sallyann says:

    I blog hop regularly, it’s fun isn’t it. 🙂
    I make use of as many links as I can around my own blog and hop around them often too. My memory is getting so bad now that some of the photographic memories I’ve recorded seem almost like I’m reading someone else’s blog.
    Hey ho. 😀


  3. Interesting! I enjoyed reading your post and will check out your blog further. I have gotten “lost” many times by clicking on links. Never through the “likes” though. I will definitely give it a go. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


    • aj vosse says:

      I enjoyed stopping off at your blog! I think it’s time for me to do another blog hop so maybe I should start at your blog and see where the road takes me!! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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