Land Meets Water – Water Meets Land

This week Ailsa’s travel challenge really offers us  an opportunity to delve into the archives and show photos that we may have neglected. Land meets water. Ireland is surrounded by water and rainfall plays an important part in life here. It would never have been so green if it hadn’t been for all the water meeting land!

But… this is not a post about dreary weather. I’ve selected bright pics… of sunshine beaches and lively activity. So, why don’t I begin with a contrasting photo of the link that gets us over water to land… Wooden Bridge… the link to Dublin’s Bull Island

Wooden Bridge... the link between land and water. Bull Island, Dublin, Ireland

Next… why don’t we take a little stroll along Co Meath’s River Boyne in the spring? The remains of Dunmoe Castle cast its own magic…

The River Boyne... the walls of Dunmoe Castle add their magic to the spring scene...

I wouldn’t be able to do a post about water and land meeting in Dublin without finding a photo showing off my favourite Dublin landmark… the Poolbeg Chimneys.

Poolbeg Chimneys in Dublin Port...

While we’re having a look around Dublin from the Great South Wall, why don’t we look north-east toward Howth? The day we took this stroll the tide was mighty low and the lack of water showed this old jetty… or rather, the remains of the old jetty

Blue bay... Howth as seen from the Great South Wall... beautiful on a sunshine day!

Mind you… I’ll change the mood ever so slightly. I can’t let a water and land post go by without including a canal photo. A canal photo close to home. This is the Royal Canal’s Kilcock Harbour on a full moon evening…

Full moon rising... the Royal Canal's Kilcock Harbour...

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  1. Very Nice gallery!


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