Close Up

The comment I left for this week’s WP photo challenge…

Macro’s are both therapeutic and challenging. I’ve been caught lying flat on my belly trying to get the underside of a mushroom. Yep, caught by a group of strangers… embarrassing fun… all in the attempt of getting the perfect close-up!

Yep… I’m sure you’ll have to agree with my take on macro’s. Fun to the nth degree. So… when Brie Anne chose to show a very close-up of a dragonfly I knew I’d have to find another topic because just days ago I posted a close-up of a dragonfly on FB.

Fortunately we had visitors… fortunately I had a willing participant to join in when I wanted to do a bit of a different close up! I think you’ll have to agree with me, again… Little Miss N sure inspires a close up session!

Little Miss N!! Some macro target!! FUN!!!!

Yes… it’s a macro! I’m lucky that one of the lenses has a macro mode to help with close-ups…


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8 Responses to Close Up

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  5. joanfrankham says:

    Lovely, and adorable, I am sure! Grandchildren steal our hearts.


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