Subtle Sunday – Grasses

This week Ailsa goes really summery! After all… when do we see grasses at their splendid best? Seeing Ailsa’s photos reminded me of a few I’d taken last year in mid July. The grasses in the meadow were tall… at one point I thought I spotted movement so I stopped and got the camera ready…

Tall meadow grasses? Is it safe to go there???

Was something there? Was it my imagination? Or… could it be a grass monster? No… I think it’s human… yes, maybe even a human child!

Is that a human child in there???

But what was the human child doing? Was he lost? Was he even a he?

Yes... he seems human... a real life human child!

Yes… seems he’s a little boy. But what’s the fella doing?? Is he in trouble?

He's got something!! Yes... something pink!

Aha… he’s armed and dangerous!! Yes… he’s shooting at me!!

Hands up!! I'll get you oupa... I'll get you!!

Now that’s what summer meadows can throw at you! Pleasant fun… to be enjoyed and savoured…

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