A Close Up of Winter… in Summer!!

I kid you not!! Yesterday I shared a spring photo… because I wanted to cheer myself up. Why? Well, if you ask me… we’re having a summer’s worth of winter. It’s not even that warm… and it’s wet, windy, damp… dark… I need say no more!

The only thing that betrays summer is the plants. They’re all mostly trying to act normal… to make like plants must do in summer… to flower and grow. At least they’re not suffering heat stress!

Wet bells... against a very dull, grey sky!!

Here’s another close up. I may as well keep going with the weekly challenge… why not?


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2 Responses to A Close Up of Winter… in Summer!!

  1. cocoaupnorth says:

    I hear you! We’re still waiting for strawberries to ripen up here. They are late because of the persistent cool weather and rain. Wishing you better summer days:-)


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