Summer Sunday!

Here in the northern hemisphere the summer is soon to be officially taking the first steps in the direction of autumn. The mere thought of the onslaught of the dreaded A&W words was enough inspiration to drive me out the front door for a walk. Well, that and a few other reasons.

Yesterday we actually saw the blue sky for quite a few hours. We saw our own shadows! Yep… seems August is going to be a little more summer-like than July… and June before… and even May before that! OK… ok… I know you’re getting sick of me banging on about the lack of summer but I promise… yesterday we glimpsed a few hours of what we’ve missed so far this year.

Banded Demoiselle... with wings open!

One of my best snaps was a male Banded Demoiselle. I’ve never managed to get one so when I fluked this beauty as he was landing I even got him with his wings open. Fun!

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4 Responses to Summer Sunday!

  1. makingcamp says:

    Nicely captured. Always such amazing subjects, yet so hard to get. Part of the fun!


  2. Dragonflies are an interest of mine. Yours is a beauty.


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