Merry Monday Moves!

Saturday’s Royal Canal stroll gifted quite a few interesting photos. I have to be honest, I’d been itching for a walk and when I had quite a few hits and positive comments on the Royal Canal Page I knew the time had come. Thankfully the weather stayed on my side.

Another inspiration was a mail received from Captain Willi. Willi is an avid canal buff and although living in Germany he has spent many a week along the Irish waterways. Willi’s mail was a request to use a photo so I suggested I place a link to the notice he was preparing for the Captain’s Handbook. So, here’s the link but do yourself a favour… scroll around and enjoy your visit… there’s plenty to learn.

OK… back to the photos. Hopefully I’ll share a few more bird photos in the next few days but I’ll begin with this one of the swallows. I stood watching for a few minutes. It seemed the tree was being used as a flying training school by this family. The parent bird remained on the perch while the youngsters flew about , darting and weaving, as if being showed the ropes by the other parent. I have a feeling this is the other parent coming in for a rest.

The swallow tree... flying scool landing pad for young birds!

Happy Monday… here we have a bank holiday today so it’s a little more relaxation. May your week be great… I hope our’s will be too!

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1 Response to Merry Monday Moves!

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Lekker langnaweek hou! Ons moet nog n week wag vir ons s’n 😉


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