Beneath Your Feet

Sometimes we can get deceived by our own ideas. Maybe deceived is a bit strong… maybe mislead is more appropriate. What’s got me going along this tangent, you may be wondering? This week’s photo challenge, that’s what.

Beneath Your Feet. 

Now, what does that imply? Soil, Mother Earth, ground. A floor perhaps? Seems you’ll be correct if you select any of these options but for the weekly challenges I like being a tad different. I like letting my ideas drift. However, when you have a closer look at the challenge your mind can tell you that it’s a hard surface below your feet. That’s when I realised my mind could be misleading me.

Have a look at my photo for this challenge. It took place right beneath my feet. Well, I fib, I didn’t stand in the water but as the pond surface was below my feet it must surely qualify for being beneath my feet, must it not?

Mating damselflies beneath our feet... not quite literally...

Look closely, it’s amazing what one sees if you take a good look. On the far right, on the large beige leaf, there’s a spent larva of a dragonfly…


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