Magic of Belief!

I took a stroll yesterday afternoon. Walking helps clear the head, so the experts say. They’re right… that I know. So… there I was… along my favourite Royal Canal. I was chastising myself. How could I claim to believe a breakthrough is near yet I’m stressing myself about the situation?

Yes… how? Life goes on, so it does. Here we are, living in a first world country with our first world issues. Even though times are tight we’re still better off than billions of other folk. So, an idea lodged. Why doubt the magic of belief?

It wasn’t ten minutes later when I had a photo for this post. This scene emphasised the idea. The young birds sitting on the fence. Imagine if they lost their belief in their parents. Imagine if they decided to attempt going off on their own to hunt their own food. It would be disaster. Yet they believe implicitly in the skills of their parents. OK… soon you’ll tell me I’m imparting human attributes to birds. No, I’m not… I’m merely demonstrating how soon one can spot something so simple that inspires positive thought!

Parent swallow feeding the young... the magic of belief!!

Happy Friday!! May your day be great… and your weekend greater!!


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16 Responses to Magic of Belief!

  1. cocoaupnorth says:

    Magic of belief, indeed.


  2. Felicity says:

    Yes! And a gorgeous shot.


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