Six of them. Yep, butterflies are insects so you’ll find six legs… therefore, by association there must be six feet. Why am I on about so many feet? You’ll have to blame Ailsa for dropping the ladder on her foot. That little mishap resulted in her using feet as the challenge for the week.

The only problem with the topic? I most certainly wasn’t going to show you photos of my feet so I needed to find more suitable feet to feature. You have to believe my joy when this Silver-washed Fritillary flitted into view and proceeded to do all sorts of gyrations for my benefit! The thing is… my joy was compounded because it was my first sighting of this species… that’s why you’re getting a wee gallery!!

Found in Togher Wood in Co Laois… some happy foot fun!

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11 Responses to Feet!!!!!!

  1. smittyrooks says:

    Tho butterflies terrify me (ironically, my name means butterfly), this shot is pretty nar-buckle bro 😀


  2. Rainee says:

    Fabulous photos 🙂


  3. Christina B says:

    Excellent photos!


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