This week Ben challenges us to get connected. He mentions the excessive use of the term in business as well as in our constant reference to the joys of technology. Ben shows us a very nifty bridge and suggests we let our ideas join the dots… with a single photo or a gallery. I was tempted to throw in a gallery… or ten. You know my love for tiled galleries.

However, when I passed by this photo it called out to me. No, I’m no fan of wires… in fact, I’ve been known to rant about their meddling with my photo planning. But… you’ve got to agree… electricity and first world are so connected we cannot exist without it.

Connected or what?? We wouldn't be able to cope in this day and age without the connectivity electricity brings!!

You know… I may yet throw in a few galleries in the days to come… after all, we’re so connected with our past, the canals, roads, rail… ships and the bridges that connect the infrastructure…

OK… I’m gonna get properly cheesy now! I’m including a link to my LinkedIn profile… anyone want to connect? Better still… anyone want to offer me a nice juicy job? Or a book deal??

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8 Responses to Connected!

  1. So lucky to be connected when many cannot always be. A family member in Zambia for instance experiencing 18 hour long power cuts.


  2. Rainee says:

    I tried to connect on LinkedIn but I needed your email address 🙂


  3. mvobsession says:



I value your 'likes' and comments, even though I don't always reciprocate, I care. Thanks for making the effort! God Bless!!

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