What Next?

I’m at that stage… again. Has the well run dry or is the meagre daily trickle sufficient to keep your interest going long enough for me to dig the hole deeper? Will the flow get going again or must a dam first be built to retain the last bit of creativity. Who knows?

Murky reflections... where do we go next??


About aj vosse

Love life, live love... share life... share love!
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6 Responses to What Next?

  1. Sallyann says:

    Is that a silver lining I see.?


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Wel, ek kry nog elke dag n klomp plesier uit jou fotos en vertellings AJ!


  3. Pretty colors in the sky


I value your 'likes' and comments, even though I don't always reciprocate, I care. Thanks for making the effort! God Bless!!

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