Monochromatic – Messy Mauve!

OK… I think you may be getting a little fed up with me and this mono run! Maybe it’s time to move on to something else but I’ve never done a whole week of challenge posts so humour me please… tomorrow I’ll end it all! Well, not all… just the week’s mono posts. As things now seem to be getting a bit messy in my mono world I’ll leave you with this photo. Mind you… I’ve grabbed quite a bit of licence to get away with hoping you’d see this as a monochromatic image… and not just a mauve mess!

Mauve mess... the fun of the challenge!


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6 Responses to Monochromatic – Messy Mauve!

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  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Jy kan maar gerus aanhou, niemand kan moeg raak vir hierdie lieflike kleure nie AJ!


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