Move – So Slow!

This week Ailsa challenges us to get on the move. I have so many blurry photos of me trying to get birds on the wing… or butterflies taking off… or cars making light trails at night. I have blurry photos of kids on the run… or water flowing over the lock gates.

I was gonna give you a photo that contains two butterflies on the move… so, here’s the deal. The GLW was trying to get up close and personal to a Red Admiral when a Small Tortoiseshell decided to do a photo bombing run… yes, that’s my story and I’ll stick with it…

The GLW, the RA and the ST!! Some fun!! ;-)

Then, yesterday I went for a walk and while waiting for the good lady at the Royal Canal’s 14th Lock a barge approached. Now me and barges and lock are great mates. I just love the whole experience. So… I sat on the lock gate’s floor boards taking a few videos. I’ll leave the Flickr link to the 30 seconds slow move!

Meave Arrives

I took a 7 minute video of the lock filling and then the barge entering… I may yet upload that one too… but just to prove I was there watching the slow move… here’s a photo as well!

Meave arrives at the Royal Canal's 14th Lock... blissful move!!


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3 Responses to Move – So Slow!

  1. Sallyann says:

    It’s been far too long since I walked the canal.
    Nice pic. 🙂


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