Revolutionary Irish Aircraft Design!

I’m letting you in on a secret. The Irish aviation industry has just launched their first new prototype! The secret is not supposed to be out yet but it’s believed one of the pilots got his take off time mixed up… so he took off in broad daylight!

However, luckily for him there were very few cameras about so now it rests upon me to to bring this world first scoop to all who want to know! Yes, before your eyes you have the new FOUR winger, sixteen engined turbofan commuter. The take off power is astounding, to say the least… from initiating the take off run to climbing through 500 foot took just three seconds!!

Multi-winged, multi-engined turbofan??

Guess what? I should have saved this post for April Fools Day… the trickery was done in panorama mode… the aircraft moved faster than I panned the camera… hence the lovely multiple capture!! I kid you not!!

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2 Responses to Revolutionary Irish Aircraft Design!

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Laat my dink die loods was dalk bietjie hoog, letterlik en figuurlik 😉


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