Ailsa’s travel challenge this week has led me to a photo that really fits the travel theme. Here in Ireland, as in other countries, there is a by-law requiring learner drivers to place a large L in the car’s rear window as well as the wind-shield. However, not too long ago another particularly interesting by-law was added. Now, newly qualified drivers must have a big red N for novice displayed.

The good lady and I have often joked that we should place a big fat P for professional in our car. Even better, we have discussed a large red 10+ sign as we both have more than ten years of no claims. So, could you imagine how our car’s windows would look if we had a learner, a novice and the two of us using the same vehicle!

I wonder at what point all the letters will become a safety issue? Could you fathom the expression on the police person’s face when you try and explain that you couldn’t see the other car because the letters obscured your view.

Novice or learner? Which are you?? Letters displayed in the car's window... to warn professional driver of the dangers posed by the youngsters!!

The reasoning behind the letters? To warn the more proficient of the impending risks (read danger) approaching!


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6 Responses to Letters

  1. T plates for tourists? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cocoaupnorth says:

    Very funny:-)


  3. Rainee says:

    That would be interesting :-). In Australia new drivers display a P sign for Provisional but they have the L for Learners.


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