Happy Monday!

What will you be doing in two months time? Recovering from the excesses of Christmas? Resting after a hard year? Maybe all of the above? Who knows? It doesn’t really matter today because we’re still two months away. For now, here in Ireland it’s a bank holiday so there’ll be many folk recovering from the excesses of the weekend without having to go off to work.

Me, I can’t really wait for the work week to begin because I’m waiting for feedback about three jobs. Yes, in the last 10 days or so I’ve been for interviews for three different roles. I know which job I want so let’s all hold thumbs that the news is all good this coming week!!

So… now that I’ve let the growling cheetah out of the bag… won’t you all enjoy your week? Remember… live your life to the fullest, whatever circumstance may throw at you. Be grateful for the good and accept that it can’t always be plain sailing! Have fun… be good!

Skerries... a happy summer scene!

I’ll leave you with a happy summer picture… see the folk swimming? See the windmills in the distance? No… not somewhere in the Netherlands… a little closer to home. A lovely Skerries summer’s day outing. No… the water was too cold for me to have a dip…

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2 Responses to Happy Monday!

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    Wonderlike vooruitsigte – ons hou saam duim vas!


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