Mellow Days

No… I’m not going to give out about the weather… again. Rather… I’m going to ask what you think of this photo. Why? Well, it’s leading me down the art path… again. The subtle autumn colours seem to suggest a sedate painting… along the lines of the early Impressionists. So… please let me know what you think… am I onto a winner or not?

Autumn days... relaxed days. Painting material? Maybe... maybe not!


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11 Responses to Mellow Days

  1. Christina B says:

    I would say so yes. There is a lot of colour variation (even in the sky) that will make it very beautiful. It could even be a jigsaw puzzle.


  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Yes, you could just see this as a painting – the pastel sky contrasting with the greens and autumnal trees


  3. Rainee says:

    Lovely photo with the soft colours of the sky contrasted with the vibrant greens!


  4. makingcamp says:

    I know nothing of art, but you have a fading seasonal color and encroaching shadows and clouds. A message there?


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