Storm Desmond!

We braved the elements on Saturday to take a drive down to Arklow for GSA’s birthday. The lad was all of six years old so there could be no excuses. How would he understand that a mere storm could keep friends and family away. However, storms have a tendency of throwing great weather photos in our way so I had to take a drive down to the breakwater to see if wind and waves would play along.

I wasn’t disappointed. The only problem… I had to park the car at such an angel as to take photos from within with the window down. The wind buffeted the car and snatched at the lens protruding from the open window… all excuses I’m making because the photo is so atmospheric!

The whiplash tail of Storm Desmond breaking over the Arklow Breakwater, 05 Dec 2015, Co Wicklow, Ireland

No, they didn’t get hurt… they came away rather drenched but unscathed. The storm has abated and we’re into a new week… happy Monday, may your day and week be just great!!


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12 Responses to Storm Desmond!

  1. Sallyann says:

    Great catch. 😀


  2. Nirodaigh says:

    wow!! Can’t remember ever seeing waves quite that high crashing over the sea coast walls of Arklow! Glad they were all ok, but what a catch, well done you (from within the dry, comfy confines of your car, haha).

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  3. de Wets Wild says:

    Eish, dit lyk rof!


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