Happy Spring!

If you’re living in the northern hemisphere you may think I’ve lost the plot… totally. If you’re living in the southern hemisphere you may just think I’m a tad touched. Well, maybe I’m both but you have to agree… this photo has a distinct ring of spring to it! So… just in case you missed out on hearing the words happy spring the last time the season passed you by… here it is again. Happy Spring!!

Happy spring bumblebee going about it's business...

PS – I now know there is someone on this planet who has this photo as a screen saver. No, not me… a very kind lady in the Netherlands who enjoys bumblebees! I think it’s their little legs that do it for her! Thanks GN… your vote of confidence brings a smile!!

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3 Responses to Happy Spring!

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    A beautiful bumblebee:)


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