Monday Monday!

Happy Monday! Just think… this time next week the Big C will have passes us by for another year. However, I reckon there will be much to do this week… well, the four days up to Friday. I have a few extra chores, if I may call them that.

My trusty braai drum (bbq barrel) is rusted through so I have to do a serious bit of repairing. I have all the materials assembled so while we have a day or so of bright sunshine predicted I have to get cracking. I have another chore happening in the background that I must have completed by the new year but I’ll not jinx myself by telling you about it today!

So… I’ll be a little scarce this week. However… as we near the end of the year I’ll revisit some of the brighter moments… why not? Oh, by the way… those who don’t know me and are wondering why I would be wanting to repair the braai drum in the middle of winter… simple, I’m a South African and there’s a few habits that haven’t died, even after 15 years in Ireland. Yes, I still do the Christmas roasts on the braai!!

Reminders of summer... two Small Tortoiseshell's on chives


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2 Responses to Monday Monday!

  1. The Rider says:

    Lekker braai!


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