One Day Closer…

Yes, Monday has gone and we’re another day closer to Christmas. How are your chores going? Mine are going a little slow but all going well I should be prepared for the big day on Friday. All going well, I said! Any way, yesterday I said I’ll keep the photos summery. I can’t really do that much longer this week because you’ll blame me for being ba-humbug but here goes… a reminder of the many greens we get to see here in Ireland in the summer!

Happy summer's reminders... all Irish green!


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4 Responses to One Day Closer…

  1. Ah so beautiful!! I can’t wait to visit the UK again!


    • aj vosse says:

      Do come to Ireland as well!! 😉

      On 22 December 2015 at 23:19, Ouch!! My back hurts!! wrote:


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      • Ah okay I am showing my off my horrible American world knowledge. I’ve spent like 15% of my life living in England and just had to look up whether or not Ireland was included in the UK! (*me smacking my head against a wall) Sorry about that!! Yes, I want to visit Ireland as well!!! If it makes it any better my knowledge of the geography of the rest of the world is even worse! (Ok actually I’m pretty sure that just makes it worse. Sigh…)

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        • aj vosse says:

          Then I’m really going to throw the pigeon amongst the cats when I tell you I’m South African!! By the way… you’re forgiven… after all, you Americans gave us the bomb!! o_O


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