All my life I’ve been fascinated by flight. Birds, bees… fast jets, choppers… butterflies. So it’s not really difficult for me to find a photo or two of a thing that can defy gravity. I’m often heard calling a lift/ elevator an anti-gravity device. I mean, it does take you upward with little impact on the knees, does it not?

I was fortunate to spend the beginning of my adult life in the air force. Among fast jets and fly boys. Not many years later I was one of those fly boy types. Flight Engineering became a vocation. A way of life. Until my flying career ended in a ditching at sea. That’s what you can get when your dedication takes you where civilians never get to go. However, my love for flight and for trying to capture birds on the wing will always remain. How man desires to fly free… to be weightless like the birds… we dream!

The ultimate anti gravity device... birds are just it!


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5 Responses to Weight(less)

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  2. macmsue says:

    I love this shot, the clarity of the bird in the foreground, intense blue sky and then that “little bird” photobombing in the background.


  3. Lola says:

    Simply stunning. 🙂


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