I’ll tell  what… Ailsa really got me going with this challenge. I was doing a bit of outdoor investigation when a thought struck after I spotted this fantastic work in progress. Find parking nearby to get closer for a few photos. I mean… this was really a creative work so it would fit this week’s challenge just fine…

Creative carving along the Howth Road... interesting!

However, on the way back to the car I realised I was near some trees lining the water’s edge. I’d taken photos of waders from the other side before so the idea of seeing if I could get closer by using the cover of the trees. I snuck through the trees but there were no birds… the tide and a few boats may have been the cause.

Then, a much more creative idea struck. Get a few photos of the junk the water had washed up… strange but true… all these photos were taken within 50 meters. Much mess and driftwood. I collected a few pieces but I reckon I could feed the fireplace for a few weeks if I gathered just half of what I spotted in the short distance I walked while taking photos.

On the way back through the city I spotted this group of lads heading off to watch Ireland play Italy at the Aviva… you’ve got to give it to the lad in the green horror outfit… he sure let his creative side get the better of him!

Just how creative must one be to attend a rugby game?? Ask that fella in the green... he may have the answer!

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4 Responses to Creative

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  3. Woolly Muses says:

    The top photo is what I call being creative. Recycling a dead tree and creating an art work in doing so.

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