Sensory – the Twirl!

You’ve gotta give me a break here, please? Yep… this week Ailsa’s challenge asks for the sensory. Yes… our smells, sights… hearing, touch and taste when we travel. Our senses… they are the memory stirrers we so need on this trip of life. Aaah frig… I’m getting the better of myself… again!

The thing is… this photo is all about letting your imagination do the stimulating. A mental, or dare I say, virtual sensory experience. Junior Son and the love of his life returned home from Dublin on St Patrick’s Day with their garlands. Light halos… what ever you want to call them. A few experimental spins and I was out with the 35mm f1.8 lens. The results are rather delectable… and fun… even if I may say so…

The twirly swirls!! JS and RD twirl their Paddy's Day halos!!

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5 Responses to Sensory – the Twirl!

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  2. restlessjo says:

    They do look fun! Any joy with the business? 🙂 And Happy Easter!


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