April A to Z – Imagination or Inspiration!

I was pondering… I for what? The pondering happened in the shower, a few days ago. I was waiting for a call from someone about something so my mind was going through a few scenarios… as minds do. They have lives of their own, don’t they? Or should that be… they have minds of their own? 

I suppose I can add impressionism to the list of I’s. Why? Because I was reflecting, thinking of a few images to use for this post. A few light plays? A few that remind me of impressionist art. OK… back to imagination. I see the world in colour. I often tease my good lady that she sees the world in black or white. Yes, black or white… no in-between.

My light dripping abstract... RED!

I also joke that the human contents of a family saloon live up in the bone-box mounted on my neck. As most family saloons comfortably seat five I’m sure you’ll get the picture. However, I’m not sure if the driver is a lady. Maybe she’s the navigator. Lady… oh no, not this one… she’s a ravenous redhead with curves in places where others just dream of. She’s also high-class but never too far from a bit of mischief.

There you have it… no, I don’t have a split, multiple personality. I’m firmly grounded but I’m blessed with an imagination and these days I attempt to use it to the best of my/ our ability!

Starting with a bang!! Enjoy your marvelous Monday, wherever you are!!

PS – I think this desire for fireworks was stirred after reading a post by a new friend… Dis Ekke tells the tale of fireworks and slippers… I hope your Afrikaans is good… you’ll need it!

PPS – I think my imagination is setting off into a brightly lit firework filled evening… again!

PPPS – Yes… that redhead writes stories… one day, when I’m brave… I’ll let you see one or two! She’s a tad warmer than red-hot!

PPPPS – Redheads and fireworks? Is there something subliminal there?

PPPPPS  – Yes, it’s time to go… with a bang!

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8 Responses to April A to Z – Imagination or Inspiration!

  1. Srivi says:

    That’s a really nice one! Enjoyed reading about your ‘imagination’ and had a smile on my face by the end 🙂

    Great post 🙂
    Srivi – AtoZChallenge
    I for Inspiration | Twitter


  2. Enjoyed reading your post – imagination, impressionism, redheads and fireworks – nice one!

    Susan A Eames from
    Travel, Fiction and Photos


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks… yes, redheads and fireworks… dreams or nightmares? I wouldn’t really know… apart from what the imaginations(s) suggest… o_O


  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    Of course – imagination! I also pondered “i” for a long time, but imagination never suggested itself as a topic, such is my lack of imagination. Haha, dankie vir die noem in jou blog. Ek is nie gewoonlik ten gunste van vuurwerke nie (ek bedoel die klappers en vuurpyle op die strand, want dit versteur my slaap), maar hierdie skrywe het ek geniet.


    • aj vosse says:

      Ja nee… vuurwerke is nie goed nie maar so nou en dan maak hulle mooi prentjies! Ek’s bly ek kon iemand ‘n bietjie vroeë Maandag oggend genot verskaf!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Cherdo says:

    Hey, I love your contribution to the blog-o-sphere! Cheers, friend!

    Cherdo on the Flipside
    “Favorite Characters, Favorite Lines” on the A-to-Z Challenge 2016


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