April A to Z – Observed, Open Opinion at OMBH!

Sorry, I couldn’t make up my mind. I’m a dithering eejit, am I. I wanted to share an opinion or two but you’ll have to be open to my observations.

Yep, here at OMBH I’ve been known to vent and spew ever so often. Before I go any further… I’d like to point you toward the Rules of Engagement at OMBH to be found on the About page.  Next, I’ll drop in something I penned about having an opinion. You’ll find more of my quotes on the Wise Words? page…

Everyone is entitled to an opinion… but you may only express it openly once you’ve earned the right to open your mouth in the company of others.

OK… enough said about my opinionated observations. Here are a few notes I made in the last week or so.

I spotted my first sighting of swallows/ martins on the 12th of the month… whooppee… that’s supposed to confirm spring has eventually arrived. However, at that point in time I was still waiting to spot my first butterfly of the season. That seems to suggest spring has yet to arrive. Therefore, the migratory birds must’ve departed early and been pushed north by tailwind jet streams.

So, what have you learned thus far today, if you’ve bothered to read further than the first paragraph? That I’m opinionated? Yes. That I claim to be observant? Yes. That I want you to be open-minded? Yes. That the bees, birds and butterflies confuse me? Maybe.

OK, here’s a summation of things. As the arrival of spring is very tardy, again, I postulate that global warming is merely a myth. All this carry-on about the strange weather has nothing to do with warming… but, and here’s the big BUT… it has all to do with natural cycles and especially that little fella that brews off the South American west coast.

Blame it all on El Nino… even the lack of money in my bank account. It is all the fault of that little fella! Only MHO… and I’m sticking to it!

PS – As we’re still waiting for butterflies I had to share a few of last year’s sightings

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19 Responses to April A to Z – Observed, Open Opinion at OMBH!

  1. zuludelta45 says:

    Stand by…….Nino’s sister Nina is on the way!

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Had first butterfly here on the 13th Apr – a peacock somewhat battered looking!


    • aj vosse says:

      Lucky you! I had a fleeting glimpse of a ST flitting past the window at the Phoenix Park Cricket Club (yesterday) but when I went out to get a photo or two there was no sign of the butterfly any longer! Desperate days! I did manage to get a heron returning to the nest site with twigs in the bill! 😉

      On 18 April 2016 at 20:34, Ouch!! My back hurts!! wrote:


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  3. Galen911 says:

    I’m with you!!! The global warming paranoia is probably the greatest hoax of my lifetime… paralleled perhaps by the great global ice age threat of the 1970s. I believe in respecting the earth and its environment… after all it was created for us to enjoy and take care of… but I firmly believe that any “climate change” is not only greatly exaggerated by the doomsayers but is primarily due to natural cycles that come and go. We’re due for another ice age in 30 years… watch for it!!!


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    • aj vosse says:

      Whooppee! 30 years of sunshine! Ooops, I’m in Ireland and the flipping clouds won’t go away so now I’m trapped here under Ma Nature’s insulating blanket. Drat, won’t that lead to global warming? I mean… all the cow farts are blowing the ozone away, aren’t they? Now I need a drink… totally confused myself! 😉


  4. Christina B says:

    I’m with you on global warming and El Nino. I’ve seen the El Nino and La Nina cycles too often to ignore them. Nice butterflies – there’s enough there for a calendar of just butterflies!

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  5. I’m with you on so-called global warming. In any case, the warmer it gets the less I’ll need to shell out on expensive trips to get a suntan!

    Keith’s Ramblings


  6. Well, I’m opinionated too (on specific subjects) !
    Love the butterflies – I haven’t seen any yet this year either. I wrote a post featuring the tortoiseshells last year. You can read it here if you’re interested:
    (Sorry about the inelegant link)

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  7. HesterLeyNel says:

    All Saffers are opinionated, even when that opinion has no substance *koes*, but I agree with you on this global warming / natural cycle thing. There may be truths to both ends of that story, but I think people tend to go overboard with the most unlikely “evidence”. That is my opinion, whether I earned the right to open my mouth or not 😀


  8. RuthsArc says:

    Nice butterflies.


  9. de Wets Wild says:

    Wonderlike verskeidenheid!


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