Reflecting on Rebellion, Revenge, Respect and Reconciliation 

Yes, it’s quite a mouthful but it’s something that’s been getting to me lately. What, you may ask? Rebellion and revenge or respect and reconciliation? The people of Ireland are currently commemorating the 100th year since the 1916 Easter Rising. That event was the cornerstone of the foundation of the Irish Republic.

It is just and right that one commemorates momentous historic events. It is just and right that a nation dwells on the achievements of the past. It is just and right that the present generation is reminded of the past. However, when rebellion and revenge seem to be an ever-present undercurrent then I begin to question the path forward.

Many may suggest I should mind my own business but I’ve seen a bitter harking back to the ills of the past. There’s an element of resentment. There is an element of hardening to any suggestion that past lessons should point in the direction of a harmonious togetherness and reconciliation.

Respect for others means tolerance. It also means leaving behind old animosities and seeking new ways of overcoming differences.

The Irish flag flies proudly over the Children of Lir in the Garden of Remembrance, Dublin, Ireland

This is a photo of the statue of the Children of Lir in the Garden of Remembrance. Do click here to read more.

So… I’ll leave you with reflections of another kind. Water and glass offer so many opportunities to capture special images.

For those who question my credentials for posting comment about Irish history and reference to their dislike for the Brits, I have a simple answer. I’m South African. My grandparents and their families were heavily impacted by the actions of the Brits during the Second Boer War.

The concepts of concentration camps and scorched earth were born in that war. My ancestors suffered the dire consequences of the war and the camps. If we, as a nation, kept dwelling on those evils we would now be a very bitter and twisted race. Respect and reconciliation is what’s most needed in my country of birth and here in Ireland!

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20 Responses to Reflecting on Rebellion, Revenge, Respect and Reconciliation 

  1. zuludelta45 says:

    Nice post and pictures AJ. Too be honest, I think the world is extremely screwed up and always has been. I’m not sure the human race can go forward as a group……….so I’ll just have to go on working for a better world, counting only on myself and those I connect will along the way trying to do the same!


  2. RuthsArc says:

    Respect and Reconciliation is needed here in Australia too. Nice post and cool reflection photos AJ.


  3. Respect is sorely lacking everywhere and it is killing us. We can only hope people wise up before it is too late.

    Meet My Imaginary Friends


  4. Christina B says:

    Respect, tolerance and reconciliation is in short supply all over, sadly.


  5. Excellent post. As an English person who recently moved to Ireland I have been very much aware of the marking of this 100th anniversary. Fortunately the people in West Cork are generally extremely tolerant of the large numbers of Brits in this area.

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  6. HesterLeyNel says:

    Excellent photos and you make a very good argument for reconciliation. Yes, and I also agree that it all boils down to respect (or a lack thereof) for a difference in beliefs. We will get there! Ons het reën gehad en die son skyn nou helder op die see – ek sal net na ontbyt my toon in die water gaan druk vir jou.


    • aj vosse says:

      Nat tone? Nou het jy my sommer aan die ween! Nat tone!! Mind you… if I should venture to the beach I’ll suffer blue toe! o_O

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      • HesterLeyNel says:

        Haha, ek het gou gaan fotos neem vir môre se blog. Laaggety. En reg langs die getypoel, so dis nie net my tone wat nat geword het nie. Ek gaan nog in ‘n vis verander.


        • aj vosse says:

          Ek is ‘n vis, of twee… astroloogies gesê! Lekker in die poele speel… pasop vir die seekat wat onder die rots vegkruip! 😉 More is “S”… mmm ja, seekat en travante… ek sien uit na ‘n lekker riller! 😀

          On 21 April 2016 at 10:53, Ouch!! My back hurts!! wrote:


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  7. de Wets Wild says:

    Jou woorde is net so van toepassing op die hedendaagse Suid-Afrika as op ou-tydse SA en Ierland… Mens kom agter dis maklik om die geskiedenis te onthou, en aan ander voor te hou, wanneer dit in jou guns tel om dit te doen.


    • aj vosse says:

      Dis net jammer mense wil nie leer om nie die selfde voute te maak nie!!
      Dis ook net jammer dat partei mense geskiedenis verdraai om hulle standpunt in ander se keele in te stop.
      Een voorbeeld… daai wat verkondig dat die “Holocaust” nooit plaas gevind het nie… jammer!

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  8. Galen911 says:

    I appreciate what you had to say… and I admire your motivation for saying it. In the USA we still seem to be fighting the civil war of the 1860’s… with angry words and ridiculous legislation both on the federal and state level. While I have strong disagreements with those who appear to still support the confederate cause… I believe the war between the states was a vital part of our history and those on both sides deserve the right to commemorate and remember the events and attitudes of that time period. But that war is long over. We are the United States. I agree with you… respect and reconciliation are needed. Now if we can just survive this coming presidential election without killing each other!

    (I appreciated your “reflections” photographs too!)


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    • aj vosse says:

      Phew… life and history. I don’t really know much about the history of the USA but I believe there are so many disparate groupings all trying to outdo each other resulting in little respect and low tolerance.
      Yes, difficult days ahead for your country… one seems more evil than the other. Somehow though an evil women sends more shivers down my spine. Sorry, my opinion but it’s off my chest now and fortunately on my blog and not yours!


      • Galen911 says:

        When the two “front-runners” offer you a choice between an evil dishonest woman and a corrupt narcissistic con-man… what are we to do? It’s embarrassing… not to mention frightening!


        • aj vosse says:

          Yep… it’s all of that but also so American! I think I’ll have to go with the latter. Hopefully the ego and the conning can be trimmed and kept in place… at least for four year! But hey, who am I to offer an opinion? 😉

          On 21 April 2016 at 13:55, Ouch!! My back hurts!! wrote:



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