Oh I do enjoy abstract! The sun is shining here in Ireland… yes, it seems spring has arrived, at last! I’ve just come in from outside (to find your challenge) where I’m trying to use flexible bamboo to splodge paint (primary colours) on a set of canvasses… a new abstract is born? Looks rather messy at this stage.

That’s the comment I left over at Ben’s challenge. Why not? I reckon he must be a mind reader.

Colour… happy sunshine colour… that’s what I’ll call this collection when I’m eventually done! However, part of this messy fun is the importance of the three smaller squares. That idea is taken directly from a piece done by Galen. He’s site is so full of inspiration I would need five or six extra hours every weekend to experiment.

So… here’s my latest fun. I have to warn… the first few photos are the beginnings and this is still a work in progress but I believe at the end of things one will have the option of the option.

Then, the option may be to bin the lot or to arrange the different pieces according to one’s own abstract…

As always… this is inspired by the real art of Jackson Pollock

Here’s a thought… if I could count every droplet and equate that to one second’s thought and planning you may realise this is not as totally random and unplanned as first appears…

I still have a way to go before I’ll be satisfied with the final product…

Lines and more lines... and squares and more lines... abstract, JP style and inspired by Galen...

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14 Responses to Abstract

  1. Mariane says:

    Abstract is kind of an abstract thinking, isn’t it?? 😉 Thank you for liking my post


  2. Rupali says:

    Beautiful. It reminds of days when I used tooth brush to draw abstract painting 🙂


  3. The photo of the last three together is wonderful


  4. Galen911 says:

    These are fabulous!!! I’m so glad to see you getting into this and experimenting with different processes and methods. Very little of what I do ends up being what I first envisioned… but that’s what makes it fun and… unexpected. Keep up the good work… I love seeing your work!



    • aj vosse says:

      Fun indeed! Thanks you for your kind words and yes, the creative past follows it’s own path and the results are what they may be because they may be!! 😉


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  6. RuthsArc says:

    Love your abstract art, texture and colour contrasts.


  7. Christina B says:

    Great work! I’m not sure I’d be able to stretch my brain enough to create my own abstract art, my brain mostly functions on the concrete.


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