Wednesday’s Wailing Wild Winter Weather Warning

This is Ireland. This is a place where more conversations begin with a topic related to the latest storm hitting the country or end with something along the lines of…

OK… see you the weekend, depending on the weather. 

Yes… spring, summer… autumn or maybe even winter… the weather rules. You may even find the winter peeping in on most days of spring and autumn and yes, I dare say… creeping in on the odd summer’s day.

Rain… snow, hail… sleet, sea swells… roaring winds. Did I mention rain? Yes, often we have horizontal rain. Then, on the other hand we have less horizontal rain… from the other direction. Sometimes we even have vertical rain but when all is said and done… we have rain!

Mind you… when we don’t have rain for two weeks many folk are red as cooked lobsters… or braaied crayfish. Or, maybe even pink as prawns. Also, if we don’t have rain for two weeks we could be very close to having droughts.

Then… on the other hand… we have a few folk who think it is their given right to have free water. Yes, they insist that as Ireland has so much rain that they are entitled to free water. Yep… it comes from the sky but if you want it free then please stand outside with your face pointed upward and your mouth open!

PS – Tongue in cheek comes to mind so… please don’t want to shoot the carrier pigeon

PPS – Yes, I know one can’t do anything about the weather so I get on with life

PPPS – If the weather is so bad, why am I still here? Story for another day…

PPPPS – Without the rain it wouldn’t be so green!

PPPPPS – Wet can be really good!

Our two brolly tent... well needed and appreciated... such planning ;-) GSK clutching the bag of bread...

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23 Responses to Wednesday’s Wailing Wild Winter Weather Warning

  1. Srivi says:

    I liked your suggestion for ‘how to have free water’ 😉
    Awesome post 🙂


  2. Wotta lotta water! I feel a song coming on – ‘Just walking in the rain, da-de-da-de-da….’

    Wobbly Wosey!

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  3. Christina B says:

    It’s such a contrast to Perth where the first rainy day of winter always catches me without my umbrella because I’d forgotten to take it out of the cupboard where it’d been for the previous 6 months or so 😉 !!


  4. RuthsArc says:

    A cool selection of photos. Does it rain in Ireland?


  5. Ha ha – I am still coming to terms with the rain here – even though I knew about it before we made the move. Umbrellas and raincoats are my constant companions, but I don’t mind because I still think this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve lived in.

    Susan A Eames from
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

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  6. HesterLeyNel says:

    We would really love some of that rain right now. Awesomely beautiful pics.My dogter sê ook jou fotos is pragtig, maar sy sal vrotpootjie kry as sy daar moet bly!


  7. Galen911 says:

    Since I am a bona fide “desert rat”… I heartily agree that “Wet can be really good!”…
    This is a very pleasant collection of images…


    Liked by 1 person

    • aj vosse says:

      Sometimes I wish I were a desert rat too! But yes, coming from a dry country I have always loved the rain… mmm… maybe not quite so much any more! 😉
      I’m gad you enjoyed a wee wet visit! 😀


  8. HangryFork says:

    What great pictures! I know Ireland is green but for some reason it didn’t connect with me it’s because it rains so much! Wow, I don’t think I could handle that much rain. Great post!

    Shelly Bray @


    • aj vosse says:

      I don’t think I can handle so much rain either but hey… sometimes one just draws the wind breaker tighter and keeps going! Thanks for the visit… hope you find more smiles when you return! 😉


  9. Rainee says:

    Gorgeous photos 🙂


  10. Having endured snow, rain, wind and sunshine today I found your amusing words extremely timely! As for your pics, stunning.

    My A-Z story features 4 neglected W words


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