The April A to Z Ouch!!

It was my first go at the April A to Z. Will it be my last? No… I’ve already put a few ideas away for next year. One of this year’s challenge posts may have a spin-off… or, indeed 26 individual episodes of spin-off. Fun in the making and even if I may say so… fun you may enjoy as much as I will enjoy doing the posts.

However… that’s for the future. This post is about sharing my A to Z experiences and what I though was good or not so good. OK… I began somewhere around 1552 on the list and by the end my number progressed to 1052. Yes, I did a whole 26 posts without missing a day and here’s a few of my thoughts…

  • I became just a tad too involved, spending far too much time researching and doing individual posts
  • Maybe I also became a tad too personal but as my blog is a diary for posterity it may not be such a bad thing. As many of the posts were recollections of past memories I placed easy links on my About page as a quick reference.
  • I met a number of new friends… a few who may well become long-term cyber pals, if they feel the urge. Toward midpoint I realised I shouldn’t try too hard to expand my friend circle much past the ten or so regulars I’d met but I couldn’t resist the temptation of meeting new folk…
  • One thing I didn’t enjoy… reading posts that turned into a daily grind. Why? Negative vibes. I tried sticking with a few but eventually didn’t bother returning. Life’s too short to become bogged down with the troubles of others when you have your own set of hassles. My humble advice? If you expect others to stick with you keep it positive… well, at least most of the time… too much heartfelt angst and pain becomes just that… too much!

Thanks to all of you who have visited my posts. My aim will always be to spread a smile or two. Thanks to the good folk who administer the challenge and especially to Damyanti who twisted my arm to do the challenge! So… before I go… I’ll leave you with a gallery made up of one photo from each day of the A to Z.

PS – I mentioned on Monday that there is a lot going on in our lives at the moment… please accept my apologies for not paying you sufficient attention at this time!

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7 Responses to The April A to Z Ouch!!

  1. ahamkar says:

    Congrats on finishing the challenge! I had to back out due to travel commitments but plan to finish it in my own time!

    I also totally agree with the type of posts and your point that we have enough troubles of our own to keep reading about others whines. I guess that’s why people love to read/watch romantics / fantasies. It’s escapism, a healthy dose of which everyone needs!


  2. slfinnell says:

    Missed the reflections post due to untimely computer issues. So glad it waited til After the challenge at least 🙂 Yours is a very good summary and a great reminder about keeping it postive.


  3. Interesting to read your ‘reflections’ post. One of your points that really resonated was the need to give up on blogs that became too depressing (or sometimes just too darn long) to read. If I found my heart sinking at the thought of clicking on a specific blog, I decided not to do it. Life is too short to read stuff I don’t want to read! 🙂

    p.s. nice gallery incidentally

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos


    • aj vosse says:

      Totally agreed!! That’s why your take on the challenge was so great and so enjoyable. I wanted to go look-see every morning! I even got to your site some morning before your post for the day went live… that even added to the fun!! Thanks again for keeping us guessing and keeping us entertained!! 😉


  4. perdebytjie says:

    Ek stem saam oor die negatiewe blogs…soms los ek so ‘n enetjie in die kuberruim,maar dis net wanneer dit my kwaai getref het!
    Jou foto’s is pragtig…die mooiste een is die seilskip teen die sonsondergang..fantasties!


  5. It was a pleasure to read them all! I’ve done a 5 days challenge once and it WAS a challenge, so we’ll done and looking forward to next year’s.


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